Instructor-Led Training

Toolbox Talks

Access hundreds of quick training talks on specific tasks and hazards with EHS Hero. These talks were built specifically for use on a job site and take about five minutes to conduct. Leveraging these quick trainings can be a great way to improve safety culture for your team and stay compliant.

7 Minute Safety Training

With EHS Hero you'll have access to these documents that can help you host productive and quick training sessions. These training materials include everything you need for the training session including a quick lesson plan, supporting handouts, and quizzes for use when appropriate.


Prepping for safety meetings can take a ton of time and research. Save yourself some headache by accessing meeting resources we have prepared for this very purpose on EHS Hero. These specific materials are intended to be delivered by an instructor. Many of these documents include sample handouts and checklists and can be great to leverage for more in-depth trainings.

Slide Presentations

Save time developing slide decks by using the   pre-made materials on EHS Hero. Each slide presentation is designed to be instructor-led and take 20-30 minutes to complete. They all include a customizable slide deck with associated exercises, handouts, and quizzes.

Audio Presentations

Audio presentations are completely automated slideshows that include voice narration and you can access them with EHS Hero. These materials are great for use in a classroom or in a self-paced presentation. Just like the slide presentations, each include associated exercises, handouts, and quizzes.