Safety Toolbox Trainer

Staying on top of OSHA and other safety trainings can be tricky. However, now you can manage your safety meetings and track notes anywhere, from any device!  

EHS Hero’s Safety Toolbox Trainer is the one-stop solution for busy safety professionals who need to keep up with their management and compliance obligations on-the-go.   Schedule your OSHA safety meetings and manage your work-related notes all from one convenient program.

Safety Toolbox Trainer is conveniently accessible from a computer or mobile device. The training resources provided include full lesson plans, handouts, and quizzes, equipping trainers with everything they need to conduct a meaningful and compliant safety meeting.

Safety Toolbox Trainer Helps You…

  • Manage and train on-the-go: Select from hundreds of safety meeting topics to train in the office or in the field.
  • Stay organized with the toolbox dashboard: Review employee counts, scheduled meetings, and incident breakdowns, all in one convenient interface.
  • Record notes in one central location:   Create new notes and search for notes that have already occurred.  

On the desktop version of the tool, you can manage what gets sent to trainers in the field, assign trainers to a particular topic, choose which attendees should be trained, and set a date and time for the training.  

After a session is done, it’s simple for trainers to mark a training as complete, making the entire process streamlined from start to finish!

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