Plan Builder

Creating and updating safety and environmental plans can be overwhelming, costly, and expose you to unnecessary risk. With the EHS Hero Plan Builder, you’ll save time and money throughout this process, and have the peace of mind that your plans are up to date with today’s ever-changing policies.

With preloaded templates, the ability to edit and customize materials, and a helpful document library, Plan Builder has everything you need to prepare important EHS documents quickly and accurately.  

A team of EHS experts are constantly updating all the materials to align with changing policies, helping you rest-assured that the plans created are accurate.

Plan Builder takes you through a series of steps to create and manage plans you’ll be proud of.

  • Browse and select from hundreds of templates covering topics from Cold Stress Prevention, to Contractor Safety, to Lockout/Tagout.  
  • Easily edit and customize materials to meet the specifications of your team and apply custom formatting to the plan design.  
  • Utilize review functionality to get feedback and approvals.  
  • Download plans in multiple formats.
  • Save your plans for future use.

With these features, and many more, Plan Builder can be a powerful resource to help keep your employees and company safe.

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