Industrial Hygiene Module

Manage your industrial hygiene sampling requirements, make informed decision, and stay compliant with this integrated and   unified solution.

Safety Meeting Topic Calendar

Conducting regular safety training is key to keeping workers safe, but developing a strategy for maintaining compliance throughout the year can be a challenge. This calendar categorizes key milestones and themes   by month to help you build an effective safety training program.  

Facility Safety Checklist

Conducting regular inspections is essential for ensuring the safety of your employees. Use this facility safety checklist to complete audits specifically tailored to the work your organization does.  

Environmental Compliance Inspection Report

Inspections do not have to be feared, as long as your facility and personnel know what to expect during and after the inspection process. This report includes environmental compliance inspection best practices and a step-by-step walk-through of how to ace the inspection process.  

Fall Protection Toolbox Talk

Get talking points, key definitions, and compliance information in this fall protection kit, and make the most of your toolbox talks.

Incident Reporting and Investigation

Watch this video to see how you can leverage EHS Hero® to collect meaningful data and prevent incidents before they happen.

Safety Culture Guide

Safety culture is a way of doing business, a mindset, and an ingrained vision. Download this starting guide to learn the six essentials you need to grow your safety culture from the ground up.

Lockout Tagout Guide

Utilize this eight-step guide to create and complete a lockout/tagout program safely and protect your employees from workplace injuries.

New Employee Safety Training Checklist

Safety training is just one part of the onboarding process, but it is so crucial. Download this checklist to help you create an effective safety training program.

EHS Content Experts

EHS Hero® is powered by our team of environment, health, and safety experts. Using their combined experience of 100+ years, our experts answer your questions, develop resources and guidance, and make real-time updates as regulations change.

Insider Report: Safety Culture

In this special report on safety culture as a driver of compliance and performance, we outline the baseline knowledge you need to limit your liability, comply with federal regulations, and drive safety success for your entire workforce.

Create and Effective JHA in 6 Easy Steps

Our infographic shows you how to conduct an effective job hazard analysis from start to finish in six easy steps.  

HazCom Safety Training

Download this guide to stay up to date on federal and state HazCom training guidelines and ensure you meet OSHA compliance standards.

Generic User Access

Remove obstacles to mastering technology, and bridge the gap between new and seasoned employees with EHS Hero’s new generic user access.

How strong is your safety culture?

Take this short quiz to assess your safety culture. Identify areas of risk, and learn new strategies to continue to grow your safety culture.

Prepare for an Emergency Before It Happens

Maximize the efficiency of your emergency action plan, and proactively prepare for emergencies by following these six critical steps.  

Scaffolding Safety Training

Learn the who, when, and what of OSHA’s general scaffolding requirements for the construction industry with this downloadable flyer.

Ladders Safety Training

Each year, thousands of people are treated for injuries related to ladder safety. Use this training guide to help protect your workers and ensure you are staying compliant with federal and state ladder safety training guidelines.

Eliminating Workplace Trip Hazards Checklist

You can effectively eliminate most workplace trip hazards by emphasizing good housekeeping, sensible precautions, and plenty of awareness training. Download our free checklist to conduct regular inspections and ensure you don’t fall for workplace trip hazards.  

ESG Management

Help support your company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives or make improvements to your existing strategy that will move the needle forward in your company.  

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