Your members depend on you for industry insight and information. Why not become their primary source for regulatory guidance as well?

Regulations, laws, and accepted best practices are constantly changing. EHS Hero’s compliance services can help your members to achieve best practices. A partnership with EHS Hero will help your members navigate the ins-and-outs of safety and environmental changes, and add a tremendous amount of value to membership in your association.

EHS Hero can help you to answer many questions, including the following:

How can I raise my membership rates without losing members?
The only way to justify a price increase is to deliver greater value. EHS Hero’s regulatory analysis, instructor-led training materials, and online training will add considerable value to membership in your association. Moreover, leveraging economies of scale will allow you to offer EHS Hero services to your clients at a small fraction of their retail cost.

I never hear from many of my members after they’ve joined. How can I drive more traffic to my association site? How can I can I create more mindshare?
EHS Hero’s analysis and training cut across topics that are important to every business, regardless of industry, geographic location, or employee headcount. The universal appeal of EHS Hero content will drive association members to your site. In addition, EHS Hero solutions may be cobranded as your own offering—so your members won’t forget who is providing them.

How do I improve my new member acquisition rate? How about my member retention rate?
All businesses pay their electric bill. Why? Because they can’t conduct business without electricity. Membership in your association must be so vital to your members that they can’t operate to full capacity without it. Membership must become a “must have,” not a “nice to have.” EHS Hero gives you the tools you need to become an even more indispensable part of your members’ operations. Other associations may be less expensive to join, but they won’t be able to compete with your superior level of support and expertise.

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