EHS Teams

Get the EHS management resources you need every day to keep your organization in compliance and your employees safe.

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Promote safety, minimize risk, and keep claims and premiums down in order to make a smooth transition from insurance vendor to trusted risk advisor.

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EHS Administrators

Keep up with the growing pressures and unprecedented opportunities facing PEOs, consultants, and other EHS outsourcers.

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Combat shrinking budgets by adding unmatched value to become a true partner.

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“We had one employee whose job was primarily doing research on compliance information. This was a 40 hour per week person just to do research, and now she is available to do other tasks."

Large Employers/Government

Tailor an affordable, comprehensive, scalable solution, driven by regulatory compliance at both the state and federal level.

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What our clients are saying

Our past onboarding process consisted of outdated DVDs, and lacked curriculum that would bring educational value to the attendees. Having a solid learning system such as EHS Hero in place during the onboarding process is essential and has brought value to the organization.

Steve Fischer, Corporate EHS Manager
Herff Jones